Silly, Bridget

Bridget and her diary

Bridget and her diary


Me and my diary

One of my favorite films to date is Bridget Jones’s Diary. Renee Zellweger perfected the role of the cheeky, less-than-proper, but undeniably adorable Bridget Jones. With her quirky mannerisms (public unjumbling of granny panties at book launch party); NSFW IMs and see-through blouses to seduce scoundral of a boss, Daniel Cleaver; and vulgar quips (more NSFW phone convos with BFF overheard by said boss: “He’s just a big knobhead with no knob!”) make her so relatable.

Who can forget the infamous dinner party scene with Bridget (turning 33) who throws herself a small dinner party to celebrate her birthday and career win (an exclusive interview with the defendants in a worldly groundbreaking case! Hello!)! Only problem here is that Bridget is a bit challenged in the kitchen, and every course on the dinner menu goes (as Bridge would say) to shit. Enter a surprise visit from the debonaire Mark Darcy who comes and saves the day (well, sorta).

What better way to celebrate this movie than moderately modify the menu? With a few tweaks, you can have your own Bridget Jones’s Diary dinner party. Just like the movie, all recipes are scaled to serve 5 people.


Click on the following links for full recipes

Bridget’s Blue Soup

Mark’s Emergency Omelet

“Tastes Like Marmalade” Pudding Cakes


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