image(Original logo artwork created exclusively for A Streetcar Named DEVOUR by Gina Tuzzi)

I’m a dessert person. I never make any big decisions or purchases when Mercury is in retrograde. I always have salsa and various hot sauces stocked in my fridge. Most of my kitchen appliances are pink. I always have bossa nova, Motown or Hall & Oates playing in the background while I cook. I only have one addiction, and that’s good coffee. But I’m working on it.

I originally launched A Streetcar Named DEVOUR in 2010 while working as an intern at the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Food & Wine” section. While I was a student of the CIA, I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for a well known, critically acclaimed publication. It had been my dream to somehow mend my professional background as a former journalist to my bourgeoning skill-set as a professional cook. Working at the Chronicle was such a wonderful experience–I learned so much about food writing, recipe testing, and food styling–I wanted to share it.

One of the first things I noticed after moving from New York to San Francisco were the city’s streetcars. Their classic beauty and rich history were inspiring, especially coming from a fan of Tennessee Williams. One day while walking down Market Street, I saw a streetcar pass by and I instantly thought, “A Streetcar Named Devour” and what a great blog name that would be. And that’s where it all began.

Since working as an intern for the Chronicle, I graduated from the CIA and worked a myriad of kitchen jobs, including working as a pastry chef assistant at Pixar Animation Studios working under the guidance of Executive Pastry Chef Deanie Hickox of Manresa, Ubuntu and Covina fame. I also worked as co-chef-instructor for San Francisco-based non-profit organization, Y.U.M. Chefs, in addition to working as a line cook at a handful of NYC, Bay Area, Napa Valley, LA, and Portland restaurants.

xx Kelly Rae


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  1. Kelly Rae! You’re truely inspiring! I don’t know why I haven’t come accross this until now. Seems as if we have simillar passions 😉❤


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