The Dough Jones


Portland’s Doughnut stock is up up up! PDX should really stand for “Portland Doughnut eXchange” ‘cause when it comes to doughnuts, they’ve got plenty to choose from. For this week’s post, I went on an unofficial Doughnut Diet, and devoured way too many to count. Here’s how each donuttery’s stock stacks against the rest. (And just in case you’re wondering, that was 4-6 doughnuts a day within a 5-day period.) Oh my.

unnamed-4Blue Star
Stock up on:
+Meyer Lemon + Key Lime Curd
A whole brioche-style doughnut, filled with a smooth tangy key lime curd and dusted with powdered sugar. (It gets messy, so make sure you’ve got napkins handy.)
+Blueberry Bourbon Basil
A soft, fluffy, brioche-style doughnut with a purple-hued glaze and a hint of basil extract in the dough.
Why? Two words: Brioche, baby. Soft, buttery and sweet. Blue Star truly has some tasty combinations– Crème brûlée? Dulce de leche? Vahlrona Chocolate Crunch?

Stock up on:
+See my Portland Guide post HERE where I first publicly account my love for these devilish beings.
+Lemon Chiffon Crueler
The softest bites you’ll ever have. Like chewing into a pillow of lemon-y air. And those marshmallows, tho!
+Old Dirty Bastard
Chocolate frosting, Oreo cookie bites, and peanut butter. ‘Nuff said.
Why? Voodoo has done for doughnuts what Candace Nelson (of Sprinkles fame) did for cupcakes and what Roy Choi did with Korean barbecue-style tacos—niche branding. Brilliant.

unnamed-1Pip’s Original Doughnuts
Stock up on:
+Nutella + Sea Salt
+Candied Maple + Bacon
Why? Super fresh and crispy (they’re fried to order) cake bite-sized doughnuts. Like elevated Donettes, but better. Like WAYYYY better. Plus, they’ve got the BEST house-made chai lattes.

unnamed-2Tonalli’s Donuts & Cream
Stock up on:
+Blueberry Old-Fashioned
I’m going to be bold and say that this was hands down the best old-fashioned I’ve ever had. With those little blueberry bits mixed into the dough–I wish I ordered more.
+Bavarian Cream
Yeast-raised whole doughnut with chocolate glaze and a smooth creamy filling.
Why? HUGE selection of varieties and flavors to choose from. Still fully stocked well after 3 p.m.

unnamed-3Coco Donuts
Stock up on:
Cake-style doughnut with a refreshing lavender- flavored glaze
+Glazed yeast-raised
A perfectly executed take on a classic.
Why? They’ve got the classics down pat, and then some.

A Love Letter of Sorts


Sooooo, I tried. I really, really tried. But as much as I tried not to, falling in love with Portland was inevitable. And now I can’t help but think about it. I know it’s already far too late for me to avoid the Jane Austen-iness of my words, but please allow me to put it out there right now: Portland, you have enamored me, mind, body and soul.

Here’s why:

  1. You’re well groomed. I love the rain.
  2. You’re a cheap date. You had me at “no sales tax.”
  3. You’re an excellent host. Between the endless supply of bars on every corner (most serving a slew of local brews), but you know good food. And you really know how to cook it, too.
  4. You care about the “big issues.” You’re all about sourcing local, organic, and sustainable produce. And I really like that about you. You’re also big on public transportation. Another major plus in my book.
  5. You have this elusive mystery about you. (Oregon has the 9 Wonders of the World, right?)
  6. But you’re also a bit naughty. Naked Bike Ride, anyone?
  7. And super sexy. I mean, have you looked at yourself lately?

I really can go on and on about how great this city is, but I’m almost positive this open love letter to the City of Roses has you also convinced.

When you just want to kick back and enjoy a couple of really good beers and “scenery”
Basecamp Brewery
WHY TRY: I am convinced I saw my future husband here. We exchanged nonstop glances from across the room as we sat in our communal tables while we simultaneously drank our respective beers. And right before I finally decided that I had mustered up enough chutzpah to get up and talk to him–he had been talking to his friends(?) a pregnant woman and her husband(?!?) at the time–he got up and left on his bike. One of those pedi-cab drivers. So Mr. Soulful Eyes with the bike, dark hair, beard and tattoos–this is my personal “Missed Connections” shout-out to you. Hiya.

When you’re ready for one of the best burritos you’ll ever have
Koi Fusion 
MUST TRY: The Bulgogi Beef Burrito with errythang. Let’s just say that not only was my  stomach filled, but my soul, itself, was satisfyingly full.



When you’re craving a good burger and an equally amazing beer
Slow Bar
MUST TRY: Local brews abound. My personal fave was the Boneyard


When breakfast and dessert have a meet-cute
Voodoo Doughnut 
MUST TRY: Lemon chiffon crueller; bacon maple bar; Old Dirty Bastard (key ingredients are chocolate, Oreos and peanut butter. I’m just sayin’.)


When the weather is perfection, and you wanna get high
Noble Rot
WHY TRY? Spectacular rooftop patio views.

When a burger just won’t do
Pine State Biscuits 
MUST TRY: The Chicken Club (House-made biscuit sandwich with fried chicken, bacon, iceberg lettuce and tomato with house-made blue cheese or ranch dressing.)

pinest1 pinest2

When you want a great piece of meat
Ox Restaurant
MUST TRY: It’s an Argentine-inspired steakhouse, so meat is a must. It’s fancy but completely unpretentious at the same time. And order a bottle of Malbec. You know what they say, “When in Argentina…”


When Brunch calls
Cafe Broder
WHY TRY: Swedish-style eats with a cozy sensibility. And the square-shaped cast-iron skillets are just darling.


When you could use a good distraction and a good drink to match
Roadside Attraction
WHY TRY: This place is so eclectic, the decor is super rad, I’ve never been to a place quite like it.


xoxo kelly rae